How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Garlic has a unique flavor and possesses anti-oxidant property; both these specificities make garlic a key ingredient of different spicy and healthy recipes. After intake garlic rich food, people complain garlic breath which often becomes an embarrassing condition for them.

Garlic Breath

Image 1: Garlic Breath

Garlic Breath Causes

Garlic is a member of the allium plant family like onions, leeks. Sulfuric compounds present in all plants belonging in the allium plant family. In presence of breathing air, these sulphuric compounds produced cysteine sulfoxide. It has a similar distinctiveness like bad breath produced by anaerobic bacteria. Garlic breath is produced in two ways:

  • In the oral environment, garlic is converted to cysteine sulfoxide and provides bad breath which can be removed by brushing, mouth washing with mouth freshener and thorough washing of the mouth.
  • After metabolism, garlic is converted to allyl methyl sulfide, which reached to the lungs via systemic circulation and exhaled air coming out from lungs and a small portion through skin pores. This smell cannot be removed by simple mouth washing or brushing of the teeth, as this is coming out from internal body organs (lungs and skin pores).

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath?

The complete removal of garlic breath is only possible if you do not take garlic or garlic made food items. But it is not advisable as garlic has many herbal properties, which help to prevent and act against different diseases.

A simple brushing or rinsing oral cavity with mouthwashes is not sufficient, as this smell is exhaled via the lungs and skin pores. Researchers provide following options which have scientific evidence for neutralizing the bad breath occurs due to garlic.


Raw apples contain an enzyme has innate deodorant property, which acts against the bad-breath causing cysteine sulfoxide produced by garlic. The presence of this enzyme can able to turn a cut apple colour to brown.

Apple helps to rid of garlic breath

Image 2: Apple helps to rid of garlic breath

It is suggested that after taking garlic or garlic containing foods, take a raw apple which can prevent or neutralize the garlic smell.

Lemon Juice

Grated garlic produces an enzyme alliinase which provide bad breath. After taking of grated garlic, drinking of lemon juice can reduce bad breath by neutralizing alliinase. The citric acid present in the lemon can effective for this treatment.

Green Tea

Polyphenols present in the green tea provides antioxidant property and can act against bad breath produce by sulfuric compounds of garlic.


Many food nutritionists provide advice to prepare spinach with garlic. This not only provides nutritious food as spinach is a good antioxidant, but the polyphenols present in spinach can able to compensate bad odour generated by sulfuric compounds in garlic.

Parsley and Basil

Parsley and Basil can be used in salad preparation in combination with garlic containing food for reduction of garlic breath. Phenolic compounds present in parsley and basil can lessen the garlic breath. Different food items are prepared by using parsley, basil and garlic as altogether they become a good flavouring agent. But it is suggested to take separately parsley and basil from garlic preparation to get effective results for lessening the garlic breath.

Basil helps to rid of Garlic breath

Image 3: Basil helps to rid of Garlic breath

Full cream milk

Recent study provides information that drinking of whole (full cream) milk before or with garlic made preparation helps to remove the garlic breath as the water present in the milk rinses oral cavity and also fat present in the whole milk is effective to reduce the bad breath. It is also found that toned milk is less effective than whole milk, as it contains less amount of fat.

Full cream milk drinking

Image 4: Full cream milk drinking

Fennel, clove, mint, cardamom and anise seeds

These spices are able to mask the garlic breath coming out after taking garlic rich food items.


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