What Is Pansinusitis?

Pansinusitis is a condition characterized by irritation and inflammation of all paranasal sinuses. Paranasal sinuses are four pairs of air-filled spaces that besiege the nasal cavity.++

They include maxillary sinuses, which are located near your nose; frontal sinuses located in the low-center of your forehead; ethmoid sinuses found between your eyes and sphenoid sinuses located behind your nose. Pansinusitis is an acute condition, but can be treated.



The symptoms of pansinusitis are similar to those of sinusitis, but are more severe. They include:

  • Facial swelling
  • Fever
  • Yellowish or greenish nasal secretions
  • Nose blockage
  • Toothache
  • Headache


Pathogen infections

Pansinusitis is caused by pathogens such as fungi, virus and bacteria that enter the body through the sinuses cavities. These pathogens cause infections in the upper respiratory system; they produce thick secretions that make the lining of the sinuses to swell.

This obstructs air from passing smoothly through your nasal passage. In addition, your cilia (finger-like strands in the nose) can be damaged and unable to filter the thick secretions. As a result, growth of bacteria increases, something that causes more damage to the sinuses linings.

Fungi are always present in your nose and usually do not cause harm to you. But, when your immune system is weak, they cause negative health conditions such as inflammation of the sinuses.

Risks factors

There are myraid of factors that increase your chances of having pansinusitis. They include:

Dental abscess

This condition occurs when pus accumulates in your tooth or gums. It is caused by micro-organisms such as bacteria. Also, when you eat food rich in carbs, you are at high risk of developing dental abscess. This is because bacteria transform carbs into energy to help them reproduce and can cause acute complications in your body.


Smoke from cigarette has many toxic chemicals that could irritate your air passage and lead to cancer. These harmful gases make a smoker produce more mucous that lead to allergies and colds.

Non smokers are also affected because they inhale second smoke which causes inflammation of the sinuses.

Swimming in pools

Germs and chemicals in swimming pool can cause Pansinusitis. When you immerse yourself deep in swimming pool water, bacteria, viruses and fungi could enter your air passage and sinuses leading to an infection.

Swimming pool water is mostly treated with chlorine and other disinfectants. They can irritate your nose hence increase production of thick secretions.

Structural deformities

If your nasal septum is displaced or you have nasal polyp, you can experience breathing difficulty .This could also obstruct proper drainage of mucous from the sinuses into the nasal cavity. This leads to secretions accumulating in the sinuses which encourages bacterial growth and hence infections to the respiratory tracts. Septum is a cartilage that separates your nostrils of the nose.


There are some techniques for confirming diagnosis of Pansinusitis such as

Nasal endoscopy

In this technique, a tube called endoscope is inserted via the nose to view the sinuses and determine whether there is an inflammation. This procedure can cause allergic reactions, bleeding and mucosal trauma.

Imaging technologies

MRI Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to produce comprehensive images of inside of your body. It uses an MRI scanner to examine your sinuses and determine if there is an inflammation.

CT scan

A computerized tomography scan uses X-rays to create detailed images of the inside of your body. It is used to determine whether your sinuses are inflamed or not. It is not suitable for expectant women because it emits radiations that can affect the unborn child.



Once you have been diagnosed with pansinusitis, the next step is to find out the cause of the problem and treat it. Treatment options include:

Antifungal medication

These medications are used to treat fungi in your body.


They used to treat bacterial infections by killing bacteria.


In case you have a nasal polyp or deviated nasal septum. Surgery intervention is used to remove nasal polyps and correct deviated nasal septum. This can restore the normal passage of nasal discharge.

Home Remedies

You can use the following home remedies to prevent Pansinusitis:

Eat healthy food

Pansinusitis is a result of your immune system being weak and unable to protect your body against infections. So eating healthy food to boost your immune system will go a long way to provide you protection against diseases. You can eat the following foods: fruits, vegetables, take a lot of water and any food rich in vitamins will assist your body fight infections.

Drink saline water

Salty water is good in nasal flushing .You can prepare saline water at home to help decongest your nose and flush out all bacteria.

Physical exercise

Try and engage in physical exercises like running, walking. You can also enroll in a gym class near you. These exercises help boost your energy levels, mood, and confidence and protect you against many diseases like heart attack.

Little exposure to sunlight

Expose yourself to the sun for at least 10 minutes daily to get vitamin D.This helps you increase the level of vitamin D in your body hence protects you against respiratory infections.

Close windows

You can prevent allergens such as pollen from entering your home by making sure all the windows are closed.

Install an exhaust fan

You can fix an exhaust fan above your kitchen to help remove fumes while cooking.

Vacuum your house regularly

You should dust and vacuum your home often. Put on a mask to protect you from inhaling dust and other allergens. Use a vacuum cleaner with high –efficiency particulate filter to collect and trap all allergen before they scatter in the air.

Use air conditioners

Avoid the use fans and instead use air conditioner to help filter air in your house.

Use hypoallergenic beddings

Make sure you choose hypoallergenic beddings. These prevent allergens from entering your airways and protects you against respiratory infections.

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