Fordyce Spots – Penis, Lips, Treatment, Causes, Remedies

What are Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce disease is small white bumps that develop in the skin surface. It is commonly known as Fordyce spots or Fordyce granules. The prominence of the sebaceous gland is the usual cause of this. These bumps are harmless and painless. In men, it is commonly found in the scrotum and shaft of the penis.

However, this is not associated with any serious health complications like sexually transmitted disease. In females, it is found in the mouth and in the genitals. This condition is not connected with any other diseases or ailments. This is not also a contagious disease but it just appears naturally.

There is no specific treatment for this condition unless the person has other associated dermatological problems. Patients that are dramatically conscious often go to specialist and check if they are infected with sexually transmitted diseases. A Fordyce spot sometimes occurs on the lips and to any other parts of the body. It is associated with ectopic sebaceous glands and occurs about 80% of the adult population. If this condition is associated with any pain or swelling, further medical attention is needed.

Causes of Fordyce Spots

The sebaceous glands are often associated with hair follicles. It is visible to a person having greasy skin type. The spots are cause by the oil-producing glands. When the oil is haltered inside the glands, it causes the bumps to become a spots.  The diameter of the spots is about 1-3 mm.

Classifications of Fordyce Spots

  • Oral Fordyce Granules- if found in the mouth
  • Penile Sebaceous Gland- if found on the shaft of the penis
  • Vermilion Border- if found on the skin of the lips
  • Tyson’s Gland- If found on the inner foreskin

Symptoms of Fordyce Spots

The signs and symptoms of this condition include:

  • White to yellowish spots
  • Small spots that are visible to the skin, lips, mouth and genitals
  • Irritations
  • Painless spots
  • Rice-like granule appearance
  • Thick and chalky discharges is noted when the spot is squeeze


There is no specific diagnostic testing done but the granules are usually seen as a finding in oral mucosal biopsy.

Treatment of Fordyce Spots

People who undergo medical treatment are those who are very self-conscious. The spots will fade the natural way but if they want to eradicate the spots immediately and feel granule-free; there are some of procedures that are done to eliminate the spots. But if the spots becomes intensely irritating, consult immediately your health care providers.

  • Laser surgery to remove the spots and minimizes sebaceous prominence
  • Vaporising Laser therapy with CO2 is done to reduce the sizes of the spots
  • Electro desiccation to eliminate the spot-appearance
  • Pulse Dye laser for the treatment of sebaceous glands that do not leave any scar
  • Hydroxy acid can be used for the spots
  • Tretinoin gel is also applied to the skin to reduce the sizes of the spots
  • Cryotherapy is done to cure the spots
  • Liquid nitrogen is applied to freeze the tiny lumps
  • Chemical peel treatment for the spots that are visible in the lips
  • Maintain a good personal hygiene for your skin
  • Proper balancing of the nutrients in the diet is advisable
  • Vitamin and Mineral supplements is prescribe
  • Eat green-leafy vegetables
  • If irritation is felt, mild topical steroids is prescribed
  • Cindamycin topical agent for the inflammation of the glands

Home Remedies

You can find unique things and ingredients at your own home. The best example of which is ginger. The latter is the best antioxidants that you can take for the healing of wounds and infections. You can keep and maintain your genitals by having proper hygiene. Keep it from any moist and germ-free. When preparing foods to eat, make it rich in vitamins and minerals so that the spots will fade naturally and rapidly.

Coping Strategies

There are many strategies to cope up with this condition. Being silent and secretive would not make any improvements of your condition. To help you achieve that, I will give you some strategies to help you.

  1. Talk to someone to voice out your concerns
  2. Have ways to enjoy yourself even if spots are available (most especially if it is present in the lips)
  3. Do not be self-conscious. Learn how to be confident even spots are present
  4. If hesitant, find support groups that can counsel you
  5. Exert more positive efforts to the things that you do
  6. Learn to live your life with the spots as long as it does not alters your activities of daily living
  7. Have strong faith and always believe  in  yourself that you can do it
  8. Be open minded always and accept criticism to the point of making it as basis for positive outlook in life


Affected person has higher chances of living a normal life (unless you’re conscious). This is not a life-threatening condition and often do not require medical treatment. Some of the person having this does not make this as a hindrance to their plans in life. This condition is not contagious, so socializing with others won’t cause any danger for you or to your friends. It’s harmless and painless. This is not contacted by children and often depicted by males.

Pictures of Fordyce Spots

fordyce spots on lips

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